Membership of the Another Fine Mess Tent of Northern Ireland is now FREE…!  How do we do this?  Simple: we have moved our magazine to an electronic format, so we have no printing or distribution costs!

Not only is membership entirely FREE (on receipt of a completed membership form — see below) but membership entitles you to discount on entry to tent meetings (for adults this means a discount of £1.00 on our £4.00 entrance charge, and for children a discount of £1.00 on our entrance charge of £3.00, with additional discount for families of four or more).

So for an inexpensive night out, with a private bar selling drinks at club prices, and where you are guaranteed plenty of laughs and good, clean, family-friendly-fun, there’s only one place to go…the Another Fine Mess Tent meetings — click here for dates.

We look forward to seeing you next time around.

Benefits of Membership
Membership entitles you to a range of benefits:

  • Membership is now FREE…!
  • Free tent e-magazine (Another Fine Mess-age);
  • Invitation to all tent activities, including special meetings and trips;
  • Reduced entry to tent meetings;
  • Guaranteed seats at every meeting and event — only members are guaranteed a seat;
  • Membership of a worldwide organisation;
  • Membership of the only official Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society (approved by Stan Laurel);
  • Other benefits as and where possible.

Application Forms
Membership is now FREE.  All you need do is complete an Application Form.
Please click here to go to complete our Web Application Form.  We hope you enjoy your membership — indeed we know you will!