For your convenience we have grouped the many Laurel and Hardy Sites Of Interest into the following categories. Just click one of the links to jump to the grouping of particular interest:


The Laurel and Hardy Forum ( is the place to visit for all sorts of fascinating information shared by Sons from around the world.  If you want to find out what’s happening Laurel-and-Hardy-wise register now for free!

The Intra-Tent Journal ( is the worldwide magazine that unites all tents across the globe.  Courtesy of Ross Owen the Intra-Tent Journal now has its very own website.  It’s in its early stages but is worth checking-in on.  With Ross Owen at the helm it should prove to be a mighty fine site!

The Nutty Nut News Network ( is an interactive website based on the original NNNN dreamt up by the late Guido Cipriani, Grand Sheik of the From Soup to Nuts Tent in Norwich, Connecticut, USA.  It was based upon a network of audio tapes submitted to Guido by Sons from around the world, which were then edited and distributed.  This site modernises the idea.  It has many fascinating interviews and is sure to receive many, many hits.  Well done guys!

Great Britain

Bowler Dessert Online ( is the website of its namesake magazine.  Run by Willie McIntyre it serves to link all of the British Isle tents and is updated frequently.  Well worth a visit.

The Laurel and Hardy Magazine ( is the official publication of the Helpmates UK tent. The tent is Oasis #25 and was foundered in 1978 making it one of the world’s longest running tents.  Through the excellent full colour magazine that it publishes regularly the tent has quite a commercial angle and sells all sorts of Laurel and Hardy memorabilia.  Again well worth a visit.

The Saps at Sea Tent of Southend-on-Sea ( site provides details mainly of the tent’s activities and maintains a sense of half-assed dignity at all times!

The Laurel and Hardy Museum of Ulverston ( was originally a quaint building annexed to a house that is home to a collection of Laurel and Hardy memorabilia.  It was the lifetime hobby of the late Bill Cubin, formerly Mayor of Ulverston.  Today the museum is run by Bill’s daughter, Marion Graves, and grandchildren.  It has moved to the old Roxy building in Ulverston and is most impressive, as is its website.  Next time you’re in the area do call in and tell them where you’re from.  The museum’s tent is appropriately named ‘Berth Marks’.


The Jitterbugs Tent of the Republic of Ireland ( is the only other Sons of the Desert Tent in Ireland.  Catch up with the latest — laurel and hardy-wise — South of the Border (now didn’t someone write a song about that?…)

The Another Fine Mess Tent of Northern Ireland ( and — Ireland’s only other tent, and the world’s only tent that can claim to be both Irish and British!  No, don’t click it, you’re already here…!  D’oh…!


Blotto Online International ( is the international homepage of the Dutch Blotto tent.  This site provides Laurel and Hardy information with a distinctly European flavour.

The Perfect Day Tent of Amsterdam ( has been chosen to host the 2008 international convention.  Visit here to hear what’s going on in Amsterdam as it makes preparations for the big week ahead!

Laurel and Hardy — The Official Website ( is a website run by the Kirch Gruppe, a German company.  The KirchGroup (English brand name), for those who don’t know, had been involved in the most important business of film restoration for many years.  Sadly due to mis-investment in Formula One motor racing it was bankrupted in 2002.  The site has not been updated for some years but there are still many areas of interest.

The Me & My Pal Tent of Belgium ( has the dubious pleasure of running the 2009 European Convention — after the show that the Dutch put up in 2008 they have a hard act to follow!  We’re sure that it will be a great few days so why not have a good look at the site (thoughtfully, in both English and Flemish…we think!) and get your place booked without further delay!


On The Loose tent (Oasis 206) of Manchester, New Hampshire ( is the home of our twin tent.  This is not a conventional Laurel and Hardy tent site since it covers all aspects of the early cinema and radio.  Here you can buy DVDs of hard-to-get early silent cinema lovingly restored by the tent’s Grand Sheik, Dave Stevenson.  You can also take a tour of The Comique, the tent’s meeting place and reach the home of the Thelma Todd Society.

The Way Out West tent of Los Angeles ( was one of the world’s first tents (oasis #3) and must be one of the world’s biggest Laurel and Hardy sites.  A great way to spend your spare time!  Go on find out what’s happening in Brushwood Gulch!

The Wax Apple ( has hit the Laurel and Hardy scene with a BANG!  It’s a wonderful site that is both professional in appearance and very easy to navigate.  It’s early days yet but the site has already amassed quite a collection of interesting and unique stories…and you even have the opportunity to comment and to read other’s comments.  Don’t delay, just click on the link above and enjoy…!

The Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia ( is located in Ollie’s home town.  It’s tent ‘Berth Marks’ recently hosted the International Convention.

The Another Fine Mess Tent of Sacramento, California ( has the unenviable task of hosting the 2010 International Convention.  We say unenviable because of the great job the Dutch did when hosting the 2008 Convention.  If that can be improved upon then attendance is an absolute must…!  Check in for progress on the convention.

The One Good Turn Tent of Connecticut ( has a very compact yet interesting site.  There is a lot of information presented in a very accessible way and it includes a veritable treasure trove of all the tent’s magazines since 1983.  The tent’s Grand Sheik, Lou Sabini, is a film lecturer of some note, and so the tent also lists his upcoming events and appearances.  It’s a site that comes highly recommended.  You should be able to while away a few hours looking through the Laurel-and-Hardy-annals-of-time and enjoy every minute!

The Chimp Tent of Cincinnati, Ohio ( was foundered in 2008.  Although fairly new to the organisation they have already put together an impressive website containing both tent information and information about the society and, of course, the boys.  We suggest you pay a visit.  It will be interesting to see how the site develops over the next few months and years.

Rest of World

The Another Fine Mess tent of Windsor, Ontario, Canada ( was foundered in 1975, and is one of the few ‘Rest of the World’ tents with websites.  Our namesake tent has a very attractive site but has little by way of information on ‘the boys’.  Still it’s worth paying a visit if only to say “Hi” to our North American cousins.

There are two tents in Australia: Night Owls; and March Of The Wooden Soldiers…but do you know where they keep their websites, if they have any?

Tribute Sites

Letters From Stan ( is a project that aims to collect as many of the thousands of letters that Stan wrote, mostly after the death of his partner, and make them available free of charge to all of his many fans and admirers.  They present an insight into Stan’s life in his latter years, and it is a fascinating archive…so make sure you’ve plenty of time ’cause you’ll surely be hooked!  And don’t forget, if you know the whereabouts of any of Stan’s letters please email the site’s webmaster at

Laurel and Hardy Central ( is an extensive site of over 200 pages of Laurel and Hardy information and items for sale.  A mine of information.  You could get lost here, but please don’t ’cause we’d miss you at the next show!

The Ollie Also and Stanie Too Fine Mess Old Car Museum of Harlem, Georgia ( is a museum created by Laurel and Hardy devotee and talented sculptor Gary O. Russeth and his wife Jean.  It comprises of many sculptures and other objects, including a number of wooden-bodied vintage vehicles, lovingly created by Gary.  It’s well worth checking out his work, and if you ever find yourself heading to Georgia make sure to give him a call so you can perhaps check out his fine mess old car museum for yourself.