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Latest News

It is with very considerable regret that we report the death of our much-loved celebrity tent member, Eric Sykes CBE. He "died peacefully after a short illness. His family were with him."
Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act composed of thin Englishman, Stan Laurel (1890–1965) and heavyset American, Oliver Hardy (1892–1957).


This is the place to check for upcoming events, be they Conventions or meetings of note. Where we have any associated articles or pictures we have included a link.
The Pavillion

The Pavilion

The Another Fine Mess Tent of Northern Ireland is delighted, and indeed privileged, to have secured a very prestigious and welcoming venue in which to hold its quarterly meetings.
The Gallery


Pictures of 'the boys', their foils, fellow actors and indeed those who were in any way associated with Stan and Babe. These photos are a tribute to the life and work of Stan & Ollie.


For your convenience we have listed many of the Laurel and Hardy Sites Of Interest. We have included some information about the nature of each site.
The Forum


The Laurel and Hardy Forum is the world's biggest online database of news, rarities and interactive topics dedicated to two of the most influencial comedy icons in cinematic history!


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There is no mystique about our meetings: a typical night begins with some welcoming words from the Grand Sheik and then a bit of background about the first movie.